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At, we're committed to providing the best fitness experience possible. Activity is a essential component of health and fitness. From escalating your regular activity and presenting specific workouts to getting you excited, motivated, and intense, we'll keep you on the move!

You're probably concerned about managing your weight. You might even be dreading beginning a weight-loss program. Remember, weight management isn't about deprivation, restricting yourself or fad diets. We're here to teach you helpful practices and information that will help you control your weight but not your lifestyle.

Nutrition is important, and we're experts in delivering the best nutrition information available. Creating a plan that's nutritious does not have to be perplexing. Nurture your body with everything that it requires while allowing your exploratory side tempt you into trying exotic foods.

The key to a successful workout is discipline. We'll train you to train yourself to commit to a program, one that you are excited about, instead of one you can't bear to think about.

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Get Active!

Stop! Your first problem is that you're looking at a computer. Stop! Don't even finish this sentence. Why are you still reading? Quick, do ten jumping jacks! Now, do a ton of sit-ups. Does your stomach hurt now? Good! That means they're working! Now, turn off the computer. Run around the block a few times. When you're done, come back, and finish reading this website.

Okay, we had some fun up there, but seriously, activity is a essential component of health and fitness. From escalating your regular activity and presenting specific workouts to getting you excited, motivated, and intense, we'll keep you on the move!

Best Fitness Systems LLC is a FULL service, member driven Management Company that strongly believes in increasing value through our professional, educated and motivated fitness staff. Our TFS faculty and executive management team will immediately partner with you, establishing a construction time line, facility layout, strategic and proven pre-sale sales and marketing plan and will continue working with you to make the day to day operations of your facility run smoothly. We pay special attention to detail and study your chosen market to make sure that we have exhausted all marketing angles, allowing your facility to be the most profitable facility in the area.
Our goal is to assist you in opening and operating a successful business, or enhance your existing facility by implementing our proven operating systems.

Welcome to Best Fitness Systems. We have developed operating systems to allow your facility to run as a profitable business. In our 50 plus years in the industry we have tried it ALL. Allow us to minimize your mistakes and maximize your profits by implementing Total Fitness Systems.

Who needs "Total Fitness Systems"?

Many owners/operators have exercised for years and enjoy the industry but never really obtain the maximum profitability out of their investment. By implementing Total Fitness Systems you are protecting your future success. With over 20,000 health clubs in the United States, the health club industry is getting more and more competitive on a daily basis. Therefore, the owner / operator who explores every potential possibility to increase revenue without jeopardizing customer service, makes a profit. With Total Fitness Systems you will take the guesswork out of your investment decisions.

First things First!

You have a dream of owning a health club! Now what? Let Total Fitness Systems take control. Most mistakes in health clubs take place in the first year of operation. The mentality of a new owner is "we will make up the money we lost this year next year". Most of the time there is no next year. Once you obtain the services of Total Fitness Systems one of our regional directors will meet with you to make a plan of attack. Our sales and marketing team will immediately get started on your pre-sale advertising campaign and setting up your pre-sale office. During this time our goal is to educate you and your staff with our monthly, two-day sales and operation seminars.

TFS Services

Complete Management Solution
Business Plan, Proforma, Negotiation, Equipment, Construction Consulting, etc.

TFS is a national consulting firm specializing in corporate health management, privately owned fitness clubs, spa / resort wellness management and hotel fitness management. TFS can implement our proven company systems by utilizing your management team or bringing on-site solutions for corporations, resorts, universities, or churches. Our faculty has more then 50 years of proven results.

As a member of the Total Fitness Systems Family you can take full advantage of:

- Business Plan
- Site Negotiation
- Demographic and feasibility studies
- Lease negotiation
- Equipment selection
- Construction consulting
- Grand opening preparation

Campaign Planning, Presale, Grand Opening, Direct Mail, Online Marketing, Referral Programs, etc.

You can build a beautiful, state-of-the-art health club and if you can’t drive traffic to the door than you are fighting an up hill battle. A seasoned member of our Marketing Team will implement a monthly sales and marketing plan custom tailored to fit your facility. We will help your club build impactful campaigns that build brand loyalty. We translate marketing goals into highly effective communication strategies that will ensure your club grabs more attention then your competition.

With a specific budget in place we will help you spend your marketing dollars in an effective manner through a combination of external and internal marketing efforts. Everything from radio, TV, newspaper, lead boxes, billboards, flyers and much more will be part of your external advertising campaign and aggressive internal referral programs will allow you to maximize your advertising dollars.

Day to Day Operations
Management, Recruiting, Ongoing Support, Education and Training, etc.

Now that your dream is a reality, allow Total Fitness Systems to set up everything from your policy and procedures, operation manuals and implement the systems to bring structure to your organization. We do everything from schedules, employee compensation, forms, goal setting, creating the monthly budget and then assisting you in managing the budget. We work closely with Paramount Acceptance the industry leader in managing the 'back office' of your business. Paramount will set up all club computers, supply you with club operating software, process your payroll, set up and assist you in processing accounts payables, issue a CPA produced profit and loss statement and run your monthly accounts receivables.


Total Fitness Systems believes in employing educated and dedicated fitness professionals. We will assist you in setting up recruiting campaigns and ultimately the hiring process. Once we hire the best staff available we immediately schedule them to attend our sales and operation seminar.

On Going Support

Your club will be in constant communication with a designated regional director, who will communicate with you, your manager, sales staff and line staff on a daily basis via e-mail and phone calls. They will also visit your facility on a monthly basis to do a club inspection, which is over 120 points that insures the systems that you are investing in and we know make clubs profitable, are in place on a daily basis.

Total Fitness Systems University

One of the areas that we often see overlooked is employee training and development. Total Fitness Systems offers Total Fitness Systems UNIVERSITY. TFSU is a complete training and development package that will educate and train your new employees but will challenge, motivate and re-energize the most seasoned employee to keep them motivated and allow them to continue to develop their skills as a health club professional. We will assist your club in recruiting through aggressive local hiring campaigns, internships and internal employee referrals. TFS will also consult and create employee compensation packages that will allow you to attract the "best" employee's available.

As a part of the Total Fitness Systems Family you will have full access to:

- Two days sales seminar monthly
- Sales manuals
- Operations manual (Policy and procedures)
- Employee recognition in our monthly newsletter

Thanks to our good friend Cai, we were able to improve the muscle diagrams used on our Exercises page, including one especially for female users. We've also improved the page for individual exercises by letting it use the new muscle diagram to highlight each muscle involved, instead of using individual images for each muscle. The changes are live now, so check them out!

Here are a few sneak peeks at the iPhone App we are cooking up! What will be released in a few days will be a webapp version. The native app will be submitted for App Store approval and hopefully will be available soon.